Software QA Engineer
Software QA Engineer
Testing Professional: Creative, Collaborative, Courteous Critique, Adding Value with Far Fewer Flaws

QA Analyst

Test Engineer
Andrea Altenkirch

Nationality: USA + EU resident

Telefon (919) 943-7894


Address: Raleigh, NC
Deutsche Post / GFT Technologies

Mergenthalerallee 55

D-65760 Eschborn

5/07 to 07/08

Frankfurt/Bonn Germany
ROLES: Tester, Test Tool Expert, Test Method Expert, Test Consultant, Domain Knowledge Expert, Application Integrator, Intermediary
PROJECTS: Confidential development project involved implementation of highest priority for the Deutsche Post nationwide. Second project in production system involved Agility Testing of Point of Sales System.
DUTIES: Test plan development, Test Concept consultation, test case specification (logical and physical, both automated and manual, development and production), test execution manual and automated, test results checking, test results assessment, defect recording and tracking, end-to-end quality management, Backend testing, unit integration testing, realization of test suite, Agility testing, test data maintenance (SQL), front/middle/back office testing, test interfaces to external systems, communication between customer/test team/development, testability review, test model and test case proofing, porting of test environment to new hardware & OS
TOOLS: Borland SilkTest, HP Quality Center- Test Director, CGM Testframe, Logica/CGM Contest Engine, C++, .NET, XML, Serena Dimensions, ARIS Modeling, MSDE, SQL Server 2000/2005, VMware, Citrix, Windows NT, XP, VPN, Javascript, Perl, Custom Interfaces, Excel, RSA, Crystal Reports
CUSTOMER: Deutsche Post
SYSTEMS: Logistics / Point of Sales Terminal, Fundamental Terminals installed at all German Post Office and Post Station locations, installation at over 100,00 locations. Connected to multiple backend systems for logistic support, finance, account, reporting
SECURITY: Initial project hired for was confidential. Background check cleared. Confidentiality contract signed and upheld.
Höll Computer & Software GmbH.

Schäfergasse 8, D-65428 Rüsselsheim

4/02 to 1/04

Rüsselsheim and Leipzig, Germany
POSITION: Banking Application Integrator, QA
PROJECTS: Web Services/Application worldwide stock market trading, currency exchange, portfolio management, multi-currency banking (first company to successfully implement UBS worldwide connection to markets!)
ROLES: Application Integrator, Tester, Test Project Administrator, Test Team Leader, Defects Administrator, Test Tool Expert, Test Coordinator, Test Consultant, Domain Knowledge Expert, Test Method Expert, Intermediary, Bank UAT/PAT Interface
DUTIES: Test and Release Process development, Test Concept development, Release planning and reporting, Test plan development, test case specification (logical and physical, both automated and manual, development and production), test execution manual and automated, test results checking, test results assessment, defect recording and tracking, unit integration testing, development of automated tests, realization of test suite, Test database creation and maintenance (SQL), automation of manual tests, end-to-end quality management, backend testing, testability review, front/middle/back office testing, test interfaces to external systems , communication between customer/test team/development/vendors

Creation of performance metrics, creation of defect reporting and tracking system, conduct quantitative, study of test and development performance

Developed methodology and processes in an environment where testing was loosely conducted with almost no documentation and without team defined system, methods, processes

Developed planning, tracking and reporting tools for test systems; Customer Interface, clarify functionality, troubleshoot problems;Maintain user documentation

Load and Scalabilty Testing
TOOLS: Borland SilkTest, HP Quality Center- Quick Test Pro, WinRunner, Oracle, SQL, Toad, Powerbuilder, Erwin, Visio,Webserver, Access, Custom Defect Tracking System, UNIX, Windows, UBS, FIX, Reuters, C++, Java, XETRA, EUREX, Doc-to-Help, VPN, UML, RSA, SVN
CUSTOMER: Landesbank Sachsen (German State Central Bank), private banks and investment houses
Self Employed1/04 to 5/07

Heidesheim Germany

Trade execution and account management using sophisticated Web Based Trading Application. Products included Derivatives, FOREX, CFDs, Equities, Funds, Commodities. Testing of FOREX Module.

Daily volume EUR 2.5 - 6 Million (4 - 10 Million USD $).

800 Tower Drive Troy, MI 48098
7/89 to 1/96

Troy, MI and Rüsselsheim, Germany
POSITION: Systems Engineer (certified after successful completion of 18 month intensive development program)
PROJECTS: Displayed Graphics System, Powertrain Product Assembly Documents, Service Contract Documentation System
ROLES: Developer, Tester, Development Manager, Development Lead, Project Manager, Functional Analyst, Requirements Analysis, Subject Matter Expert, Deployment, Training, Sales Support, Customer Support, Systems Administration, Defect Administrator, Network Architect, Network Administrator, Customer Interface
DUTIES: Support Manufacturing Engineering by proposing, developing, deploying, and maintaining complex systems in heterogeneous, distributed environment. Consultant for Content Management Systems, Participate as Subject Matter Expert on development of corporate wide systems at GM to efficiently streamline resources and consolidate duplicate like processes. Support ongoing sales in proposal writing activities. Support customers technically in day to day operations, Account support
TOOLS: C, C++, Object Oriented LISP (CLOS), SGML- XML, Shell scripts, Motif, Xt, SQL,ORACLE, JCL, UNIX, Windows, HP-UX, SUN OS, Solaris, VMS, Novell, Apollo Domain, DOS, OSF/Motif, VM5, MVS, MAC-OS, MS Access, Ingres, DB2, JDBC, TCP/IP, DSL, ISDN, X.400, X.25, X.225, X.75, DECNET, Novell, SNA, Token Ring, Documentum, ArborText, Interleaf, Frame Maker, Front Page, Access, Excel, Powerpoint, Word, PVCS, SVN, SCCS, SLC
CUSTOMER: General Motors Engineering and Manufacturing in North America includes Powertrain and all automotive groups, Opel in Germany, US Government, Military, Pharmaceuticals, Engineering
Translation1/95 to 10/95Technical literature German to English. Freelance basis.
Teaching1/97 to 6/88GTA Mathematics, University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Youngest teacher and Doctorate student at age of 21 at time.
Sports Trainer1/02 to presentOwn Summer Baseball Camp Enterprise, employing Minor League Baseball players. Certified by German Trainer Academy in Baseball and Field Hockey. Colleagues include national and first division players and trainers.
Bachelor of Arts

Summe Cum Laude
Mathematics and Economics,

German, Political Science Minors
Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville

1/83 to 12/86
GPA 4.96 (on 5.0 Basis),

Achievement Awards, Dean’s College Honorary Scholar, Special Academic Advancements
Doctorate Program

degree not completed
MathematicsUniversity of Tennesse, Knoxville

1/87 to 6/88
GPA 3.69 (on 4.0 basis)- highest in department

Entered program at age 21, taught own classes in College Algebra and Business Math at age 21
Master Program

degree not completed
English5/04 to 5/05Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany
Software Engineering10 yearsQuality Engineering is most current focus: last 3 yearsIncludes all phases of Software Engineering from Business and Requirements Analysis, through Construction, Implementation, and Maintenance.

SCRUM and Agile Methods,

System Life Cycle Methodology (SLC/SDLC), CMM
Banking and Finance6 yearsOnline Web Based worldwide Brokerage Systems of highly sophisticated scope.

Central Bank Systems Software

Investment Banking

Transaction Banking

Portfolio and Asset Management
Preferred industry
Publishing7 yearsContent Management Systems

Technical Publishing Systems

Web Publishing
Engineering7 yearsAutomotive, Chemical, Aerospace
Logistics/ Point of Sale Terminal1 yearGerman Postal Agency

installation numbering in hundreds of thousands

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Testing is a paradigm, an attitude, and an approach to various facets of life that go beyond software development
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Testing is a paradigm, an attitude, and an approach to various facets of life that go beyond software development