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Job References and Letters of Recommendation

Job References, Letters of Recommendation US IT Jobs, Letters of Recommendation German IT Jobs, Letters of Recommendation Academic

Job References

Contact Information for my references will be made available upon requests involving probable business relationships

Rex Black, President of RBCS (an international Testing Consulting Company)

Current long standing President of ATSQB (American Software Testing Qualification Board)President for 5 years of ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualification Board)

Author of a number of the most current leading professional reference books in testing

Rolf Westerfroelke
Senior IT Consultant
peer at GFT Technologies
Rolf was a manager at IBM in Raleigh and in Germany. He speaks excellent English, and is my best, current contact.

Dr. Bernd Himmelreich
Project Manager
GFT Technologies AG
Mergenthalerallee 55
D-65760 Eschborn

Christina Pollok
Account Manager
GFT Resource Management GmbH
Mergenthalerallee 55
65760 Eschborn

Lars Krombholz
Project Manager at Höll Computer & Software GmbH.

Gabrielle Höll
Manager of Höll Computer und Software GmbH.
Schäfergasse 8
D-65428 Rüsselsheim

Dave Hugenot
Senior Designer Powertrain Engineering
Customer at EDS for System which I developed and managed

Dave may have retired. I have a written recommendation from him, which is on, with a copy presented below

EDS Corporation. 800 Tower Dr Ste 719 Troy, MI 48098 Phone: (248) 874-2702

Tony Gullitti
Senior Engineer. Calibration Methods
Peer from EDS- Systems Engineer
IAV Automotive Engineering, Inc.

Letters of Recommendation USA IT Jobs

Original copy

by Rex Black, President of RBCS (an international Testing Consulting Company)
August 19,2009
Ms. Andrea Altenkirch
Dear Andrea:
I would like to thank you again for testing our e-Iearning courseware. Your excellent
work has helped to build our confidence in the overall quality of the materials while at
the same time locating some important opportunities for improvement. We especially
appreciate your attention to detail, not only in the testing work itself, but also in the
meticulous reporting of results.
In addition, thanks for locating the problems in my book, Advanced Software Testing.
Your comments have helped me improve the subsequent printings of the book.
Because of the excellent work you've done on these two items, I'm happy to
recommend you as a tester to other organizations. Please feel free to use this letter for
that purpose.
Rex Black
31520 Beck Road • Bulverde, Texas 78163 • USA
Tel: +1 (830) 438-4830 • Fax: +1 (830) 438-4831 • Email: •

Dave Hugenot, GM

Dave Hugenot, GM
Senior Designer for General Motors Powertrain Engineering

Project Intranet application, project leadership, ... ; 06/92-01/93, 01/94-09/96
Reference by General Motors supervisor of joint GM/EDS project as of 2002-03-13
"Intranet application development, object oriented programming (CLOS),
system integration and migration, project leadership, training; 2 years:
The consultant was invaluable to the project. There is no doubt that her
involvement was key to our completing the project within budget and schedule.
She asked the right questions and made sure that the solutions that were
suggested addressed the exact needs of our business. The consultant is very
perceptive and insightful and anticipated needs that we would most likely
have overlooked, thus saving us a lot of time (and money) in back-tracking
and re-work. The consultant is well-remembered by all who were involved in
the project. We were impressed with not only her technical skill and knowledge,
but also the confidence with which displayed them. I would very much welcome
the opportunity to work with her again."

Alle Referenzen sind durch GULP bestätigt.

Original copy
Adobe Acrobat document [263.0 KB]
Letters of Recommendation Germany IT Jobs

Lars Krombholz

Project Manager at Höll Computer & Software GmbH.
D-65205 Wiesbaden

Tel./Fax 06122 / 16923
Mobil 0174 / 3774964

Ich möchte Dir an dieser Stelle sagen, dass ich die Zusammenarbeit mit Dir sehr geschätzt habe und ich mit den erzielten Ergebnissen jederzeit außerordentlich zufrieden war.

Ich Danke Dir für die gute Zusammenarbeit und wünsche Dir bei der Suche nach einem neuen Job viel Erfolg. Sollte mir bei der Suche nach einer neuen Aufgabe eine mögliche Aufgabe für Dich auffallen, werde ich mich umgehend bei Dir melden.

Viele Grüße

Letters of Recommendation USA Academic
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Testing is a paradigm, an attitude, and an approach to various facets of life that go beyond software development